Back by air…

•April 23, 2011 • Leave a Comment

No boats this time…

35 years ago, I lost a sandal jumping onto the pier to land on a barge that would take us away from the madness and mayhem that was unfolding as Saigon fell before our eyes.

The hours and days that followed, we floated on the open seas wet and miserable.  I went for weeks with only the one sandal on.  I suppose I could have ditched that sandal and just gone barefoot, but instead I clung on to it like my life depended on it, which I suppose it did in a way.

Going back today with both sandals on my feet and luggage as well.  With no need to run for dear life this time around, I even have time to stop for a cappucino before my flight.


35 years ago…

•April 21, 2011 • 1 Comment

I left Vietnam as a little girl – just 8 years old.  Today I embark on “the trip” back home.  On this occasion, I thought to begin documenting what’s sure to be a floodgate of ramblings, thoughts, impressions, memories and feelings about this journey back… home?